One of the world’s most popular Forex platforms -Available for iPhone

MetaTrader 4 is available for iPhone allowing you to customise the way you trade on the go with one of the most popular forex trading platforms available.  The mobile application is fully featured with a huge range of free tools and analytics to help see your trading strategy through to success.  Using the same credentials that you use to access your desktop applications you can start trading on your iPhone today.

Mobile trading gives you the flexibility and convenience to take control of your trading regardless of where you are. The simple and easy-to-use design combined with a huge range of useful features ensures total control at your fingertips.

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Features of MetaTrader 4 on the iPhone

Easy to Get Started

The MetaTrader 4 app is available for direct download from the Apple app store. Once the download is complete the only additional information required your login information from Afx Markets Online. Log in and start trading.

Trading Signals for Your iPhone

Setting up trading signals and using them on your iPhone is something traders can do quite easily with the mobile app. You are not restricted to your desktop when making trades with signals. You can bring this to your smartphone and conduct trades as well. Once you have found a signal provider that interests you the most you simply have to subscribe to them within the MT4 client and then it will be part of your account wherever you choose to trade from. When looking for a provider there are thousands of free and paid options for you to choose from.

User-Friendly Interface

The app version of MetaTrader 4 for your iPhone offers a simple, clean interface for trading and although it differs slightly visually from the desktop site, it has retained tools and resources to be able to make quick trades when you are on the go. Both the desktop version of MT4 and the iPhone version are capable of syncing to ensure consistency across devices

Push Notifications

When you don’t have the MetaTrader 4 app open on your iPhone or iPad, keep up to date on trades and news by receiving push notifications. This is a great feature, providing the ability to be reminded so that you don’t miss out on making money from your investments.

Daily Market News

The MetaTrader 4 app for your iPhone has a built-in news stream perfect for keeping an eye on market updates. While you are making a trade you can easily swipe over to check the news before swiping back to view your trading list. Simplicity and accessibility offers traders an easy way to trade when they are on the go.

Technical Indicators

Trading on your Android device doesn’t limit you from key features of MetaTrader 4. With the app you are able to use 30 most popular technical indicators that are well known to traders. There are many others that you can choose from so that you can trade the way you know best.

Comprehensive Analytics

Trading requires a lot of data and analytical functions to better understand what trades to make. MetaTrader 4 offers many different analytical functions such as online quotes and interactive charts. You can quickly look over a quote and make a decision as to whether to respond to price changes. The total number of analytical tools in MetaTrader 4 is 33 and then there are 30 built-in indicators to work with as well. You can also take advantage of the thousands of free indicators available on the platform which can be easily found in the marketplace.

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Take your trading platform with you and trade wherever you go. Enjoy access to the financial markets and all the information you need to trade and manage your trading activity with ease.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Custom designed
  • Access to all major trading instruments
  • Real-time quotes
  • All execution types available
  • Real-time interactive charts
  • 30 technical indicators
  • Dynamic monitoring of account details
  • Multiple timeframes
  • 3 chart types
  • Trading history
  • User friendly
  • MetaTrader 4 icon


You can download this application straight from the Apple App Store and start trading forex no matter the place or the time. With this application, trading is fun and convenient; you can customize the graphics on your screen to personalize your trading activity, switch to offline mode and check your trading history whenever you want.

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